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General Accounting as a Service to incorporate into your business.

The wonderful idea of having an independent accounting partner as a service is that you can fill the gaps needed in your business. With our highly trained professionals that are great at what they do in each of our core services, rest assured that your business will be well taken care of. All-in or select services only, the choice is yours. 

Book Keeping

Book Keeping Catchup

General Accounting

Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable

Book-keeping Only

Typically this involves the engagement with small businesses  revenue of $225k to $1M. Nabk sole aim and objective is to keep the books up to date, providing an update on income statement and balance sheet every month. In this type of service, our primary source of contact is usually with the business operators and executive directors. This Services is best needed when you are looking to replace your part-time bookkeeper.

Individual Service Support

This typically involves companies who are already established with an accounting or finance department and who needs an extra support within a specific function, like AP, AR, or payroll. In this case the day to day accounting tasks are externally provided by us at nabk while you and your team can focus on improving/expanding the reputation and image of your company forward.

Internal Audit

The Entire Cycle of Accounting

Whether you’re a Start-ups, Small Business Owner, Independent Contractor that don’t have an in-house accounting function or aren’t ready (or established enough on a medium- large scale) to invest in developing one, we provide it all: bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. In this case, Clients Financial status has expanded and have surpassed $1 million in revenue which typically creates a congested work environment, but there isn’t quite enough to justify hiring for it. Typically, we’re supporting the in-house Controller or Director of Finance, or working with the operations manager if there’s no in-house accounting function.

All set to make your business improve its financial status? 

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